Swaity Shamattawa Bursary - Undergraduate

These bursaries, established by Mr. Paul Swaity, United College graduate (class of 1946), will be given to undergraduate or graduate students who demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to students who are having financial difficulties attending The University of Winnipeg in order to prepare themselves for a career in community or public service. Recipients must have graduated from a high school in Manitoba and have attended the elementary school in the Shamattawa First Nation. These bursaries are part of The University of Winnipeg?s Opportunity Fund, which helps to ensure that everyone, regardless of background and socioeconomic status, has access to higher education and opportunities. Bursaries will be used to cover direct education costs (tuition and books). If eligible students are not available, the bursaries will be carried over to the next academic year.

up to $5000