AESES Bursary

The Association of Employees Supporting Education Services (AESES) will provide three bursaries valued at $1,000 each to the dependent children of its membership. Students must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate studies and have the highest demonstrated financial need. To qualify students would need to have either 1) as entering students, achieved the required minimum entrance requirements based on those courses used for admission to the University; or 2) as continuing students, achieved a minimum grade point average of 2.0. The bursaries will be offered to students who are a dependent* child of a regular current, retired or deceased AESES member**.
As defined by AESES, dependent child means: any unmarried natural child, adopted child or step-child including any child for whom the member has been appointed legal guardian, who is chiefly dependent on the member for support and maintenance, up to 25 years of age.
Those members who have signed an AESES Membership Application. The University will confirm membership with AESES as part of the selection process."

3x $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide the name of your parent/legal guardian who is the regular current or deceased member of AESES.