Cree/Ojibwe Language Prize

Established in 2019 by Glenn Moulaison, Dean of Arts, these prizes will be awarded to an Ojibwe student who has completed the first six (6) credits of introductory-level Ojibwe and to a Cree students who has completed six (6) credits of introductory-level Cree with the highest GPA. If students have not self-identified as either Cree or Ojibwe, the prize will be awarded to an Indigenous students who qualifies accordingly.

2x $250
Department Award, Indigenous Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you completed Introductory Cree [IS-1101] or Introductory Ojibwe [IS-1201] in the last 12 months? Select all that apply.
  2. What was your final grade in Introductory Cree and/or Introductory Ojibwe? If you have taken both courses, please indicate the course for each final grade achieved.