Donald S. Grant Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematics

Established by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, this scholarship pays tribute to Donald S. Grant, an accomplished educator at The University of Winnipeg. Donald faithfully served the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for 39 years (1970-2009), teaching a number of courses including Linear Algebra and Calculus. Always willing to generously share his time with students who needed assistance or who showed an interest in mathematics, Donald was a committed teacher and mentor who set high standards for his students and provided them with the support to achieve success. This scholarship will be given to a continuing student who (i) is taking a required math major course at the second year level (2xxx), (ii) has completed 6 credit hours of Introductory Calculus at The University of Winnipeg within the last 30 months and (iii) who has a high standing in 6 credit hours of Introductory Calculus. Preference may be given to students majoring in Mathematics or Statistics. At the discretion of the Mathematics and Statistics Department, the student may be required to forfeit the scholarship in the event that they do not complete a course as specified in (i).