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Welcome to The UWinnipeg’s Online Awards Application!

The University considers new and current students for multiple UWinnipeg scholarships, bursaries and awards through this online awards application portal.

  1. Some awards do not require an application or have a deadline to remember! The university automatically matches students to these awards based on information from their UW student records.
    For many award opportunities we require an application to gather additional information we can’t find in your student record, such as your financial need, volunteer experience, resume/C.V, reference letters, etc.
  2. When you complete our online awards application(s) by the deadline, we can consider you for additional awards using the information you provide.

To apply:

  • Click the Sign-in button at the top-right of this page and enter the same user name and password for your UWinnipeg email.
  • Complete the General Application to apply for awards which have specific open/closing dates.
  • Watch for any messages asking you to submit additional information for specific awards.
  • Look under the Opportunities tab when you log-in to see grants and other awards you can apply for.
  • Amendments can be done as long as the application is open.

Dates and Deadlines:

  • Winter 2024 In-Course Awards open until February 1, 2024
  • Entrance Awards 2024-25 open until March 1, 2024

For a list of all application open and close dates, please visit Key Dates through our Awards & Financial Aid Office homepage.

For application tips, check out FAQs and watch the How-To Videos.

Below, you will find a list of most available award opportunities, including information about criteria and deadlines.
Award values are subject to change.

Note: Award values are subject to change. In most cases, awards will be applied to outstanding tuition first. The university reserves the right to recover awards funding if the student withdraws or otherwise becomes ineligible for an award.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$732 Senior French Department Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded on the recommendation of the French...
2 X $75 Shanker Memorial Prizes
These prizes have been established by Dr. Prem Shanker in memory of his...
$985 Silver Heights Collegiate 50th Reunion Legacy Award
This entrance scholarship was established by Silver Heights Collegiate...
Varies The Maria Graciete and Jose Correia Family Entrance Scholarship
Established in 2011, this scholarship will be awarded to one or more...
4x $1000 University of Winnipeg Women's Auxiliary Entrance Scholarship
These scholarships, provided by the Women’s Auxiliary, are offered to...
$737 Victor Leathers Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, founded in memory of Dr. Victor Leathers, will be...
to be determined Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship
Scholarships have been established by Douglas Leatherdale, a 1957...
2x$403.15 War Amputations (Manitoba Branch) Entrance Scholarships
These scholarships, provided by the War Amputations of Canada (Manitoba...
Varies Graduate and Professional Studies Application Expenses Bursary
This bursary is established to assist undergraduate students with the...
$300.00 The McIntyre Prize
Established by the Department of Psychology, in recognition of the...
$300.00 The Santesso Prize
Established by the family of former faculty member Dr. Diane Santesso,...
$1000 Stanley Knowles Scholarship in Political Science
Awarded to a student who has completed 1st year (30 credit hours) and is...
$200.00 Physical and Health Education Manitoba: Dick LaPage Scholarship
To support the academic studies of a student who demonstrates...
$817 A.R.M. Lower Scholarship
The members of the Department of History have established this...
3x $1,000 AESES Bursary
The Association of Employees Supporting Education Services (AESES) will...
$986 Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz Indigenous Student Scholarship
Established by Dr. Alaa. S. Abd-El-Aziz, former Professor of Chemistry,...
$685.00 Albert Clifford Matthews Memorial Scholarship in Politics
This scholarship has been established Douglas, Cameron and Valerie...
3x $3000 Alberta Shearer Loeb Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is established from the estate of Alberta Shearer Loeb...
$1432 Alex and Vera Rosenbaum Bursary for New Canadians
This bursary was established in 2005 by Dr. Harry Rosenbaum and Family...
$500.00 Alfred Duncan Longman Scholarship
The University of Winnipeg Alumni Association has provided a...
$1324 Alice Chambers Forest Enhancement Scholarship
This scholarship is presented by Manitoba Hydro in honour of Alice...
$1,430 Allan J. and Velma G. Ryckman Memorial Bursary
This bursary was established from the estate of the late Velma G....
1,413.00 Allan J. Ryckman Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by family, colleagues and friends in...
$755 Alumni Proficiency Scholarship in Chemistry or Biochemistry
This scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in chemistry or...
$1883 Alumni Family Achievement Scholarship
This scholarship, provided by The University of Winnipeg Alumni...
$2000 Alumni Scholarship in Chemistry or Biochemistry (Honours)
This scholarship will be awarded to students completing their honours...
$500.00 Andris Taskans Memorial Award for Creative Writing
This award will support an Indigenous student pursuing an undergraduate...
$1584 Angela E. Davis Memorial Prize
This Prize is presented in memory of Dr. Angela Davis, a 1977...
$1108 Angela Mattiacci Memorial Scholarship in Linguistics
This scholarship is established by Elizabeth Dawes in memory of her...
$827 Anna Rikkelman Scholarship in Geography
This scholarship was established by Anna Rikkelman, a former student...
$1,000 Anne Mahon Opportunity Bursary
This bursary will provide financial support and encouragement to...
$640 Art History Scholarship
This scholarship is offered on the nomination of the Department of...
$860 Arvilla Lightly Scholarship
This scholarship is presented by her family in honour of Arvilla...
$524.00 Assiniboine Credit Union Opportunity Fund Bursary
Assiniboine Credit Union is committed to building sustainable...
$541.00 B. G. Hogg Scholarship in Physics
This award has been established by the family, friends and colleagues of...
$5000 Barb Gamey Opportunity Fund Bursary
This bursary will be awarded to a full time student who shows academic...
$955 Beatrice & John Zack Scholarship in the Classics
This scholarship in provided by the Erica and Arnold Rogers Fund for...
$1000 Bethia Henry Memorial Scholarships in Theatre and Drama
This award, provided by the University Women’s Club of Winnipeg, will be...
$472 Bill Riley Memorial Bursary
Established by Sylvia Guertin-Riley in memory of her husband, William...
Varies BMO Opportunity Fund Bursary
The BMO Opportunity Fund Bursary will support students who meet the...
$350 Board of Regents Bursary - PACE
The Board of Regents offers awards to students who demonstrate good...
$350 Board of Regents Bursary - Undergraduate
The Board of Regents offers awards to students who demonstrate good...
$350 Board of Regents United Church Ministers' Bursary
The Board of Regents offers a number of bursaries to the children of...
$595 Bonnie and Douglas Prophet Bursary in Education
This bursary was established by Doug Prophet, Executive Director of...
$1,062.00 Bonnycastle Opportunity Fund Bursary
The Bonnycastle Opportunity Fund Bursary will support students who meet...
$300 Brett Buckingham Scholarship Fund
This scholarship recognizes a passionate student who intends to pursue...
16x $522.25 Brian Evans Memorial Scholarship in Geography
This fund was established in memory of Dr. Brian M. Evans who taught...
$2000.00 Brian J. Hyslop Memorial Scholarship in Physics
This scholarship was established by Mrs. Analee Hyslop in memory of her...
$519 Bryce Lawrence Bursary in Environmental Studies
This bursary has been established in memory of Bryce Lawrence by the...
Varies Buhler Business and Administration Major Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to up to three students who have a declared...